Visit to a Cuban farm


If you wish to share a great moment with a farmer`s family from Viñales area, we can make it happens. A unique opportunity to experience how they live, what do they grow, work with them, learn about tobacco and traditional food, see the real Cuban life and not something created for tourists.

This farm is located 20 kms from the town of Viñales, no other tourists there, just you as especial visitor. Beautiful scenery, fresh air, excellent hosts, rural atmosphere maybe as it was 80 years ago in your country. 

In this tour you will count with a private guide during your stay in the farm, who knows the family and will assist you whenever you need it during the development of this program:

  • Participate in the daily activities in the farm, learn about their agriculture methods, their ancient tools and the livestock.
  • The chance of feeding the chickens and the free range pigs.
  • The unique opportunity of milking the cow by yourself
  • Walk around the farm and have a short horseback riding
  • Work in the tobacco fields, tobacco barn and some other crops depending of the season
  • Learn some of the secrets of the tobacco leaves and see how do they roll their own cigars
  • Collaborate in the preparation of the lunch and learn how to prepare some Cuban food 
  • Have an especial lunch, very traditional, great meal, with natural juice, creole coffee, nice drink and a cigar as well, if you wish
  • Learn how to play dominoes, a very traditional game in Cuba
  • Some other activities can be added and suggested by your tour guide.

From $ 60.00 /per person

From $ 60.00 /person