Overnight tours

The overnight trip will allow you to know a bit deeper our region. We will take care of everything, lodgment in Casa Particular that we really trust, transportation from and to Havana and during the tour, private guide and private taxi.

Without the stress of having to go back the same day, this tour will let you to relax more and discover the details that the common traveler can´t, maybe for the lack of time. With different overnight tours, designed for different minds and with a free night in Viñales in which you can visit a good restaurant, the Cultural Center Polo Montañez or have a drink in a nice bar.

The transfers from and to Havana will be private and the taxis will have air conditioned, pickup will be at your lodgment. Your guide will be waiting for you in Viñales and can give you different recommendations for your free time and during the tour will be happy to show you a different Viñales from what is sold by the tourism agencies.

We have schedules recommended, mainly for the transfers, that although can be flexible, it shouldn´t be changed much because that change could also change the price of that transfer, you should take that in count.

Trust us, we will take care of provide you a nice stay in Viñales, in the lodgment, during the tour and the transfer, our sales coordinator can ask any answer or any doubt you have. Thanks for choosing un, we won´t disappoint you.