Discovery Viñales Tour

  • Duration: 3 Horas

In this tour we´ll visit the most beautiful places in Vinales, where you will discover you’re your local guide an endless of curious shapes of the mogotes and you will learn a lot about this blessed area, visiting natural lookouts, caves, we learn about the fascinating world of the tobacco and of the local flora and fauna.

The tour starts exploring the Cave of the Indian by foot and by boat, with a beautiful surrounding, next the visit to the despalillo(stage between the farmer and the cigar factory, this is an unknown process for you and very important , where the tobacco leaves are fermented and selected only by women), after we can visit El Jardín de Caridad, beautiful garden that belonged to two sisters who worked their whole life in it, where we will know about the flowers, fruits and trees or visit to a self-taught artisan and their work with the roots of trees.

Visiting the tobacco farm we´ll taste the traditional cigars made by the farmer, to learn about their costumes and traditions, the reason why this place was declared Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO., finally the visit to two natural lookouts, the Mirador Los Jazmines and the ecological farm, with the Lookout to the Silence Valley. In this tour we´ll visit some of the tourist places and some others practically unknown but very beautiful. 

Languages: English, French and Spanish

Includes: Specialized guide, entrance to every place, coffee and cigar tasting as well as lunch.

The lunch is optional. At the end, you will have lunch in a farm, place unique by its beauty and quality of the food.

From $ 40.00 /per person

From $ 40.00 /person