Tradition and Nature

  • Duration: 4 Horas

We start by car or cab from Vinales to Sitio del Infierno (Site of the Hell), place located 8 Kms from town. We start the walk crossing small paths from that community until goes deeper into the mountains trails.

In this first part we can see the different crops that belong to the local farmers like: manioc, arrow root, tomatoes, pepper, coffee, bananas, black beans and some others, in the mountain we can see the endemic flora and fauna in this place, as well as the semiwild pigs that live from the different seeds, fruits and worms.

We´ll access to some natural lookouts, like the Lookout of the Aquatic, heavenly place located in the property of one of these aquatics (people who have the belief of the use of the water to heal their diseases and who never go to the doctor), in which we can take a break of 20 minutes where we´ll know from the traditions of this small group.

After that we take the trails going down to the Hoyo de los Negros, watching the rich flora full of cactus, fycus, bromelias, endemic plants from the area that live on the rock. Most of this walk is in the shade. Next, the visit into the tobacco farm, to learn about the traditions of this crop which goes back from more than 200 years without suffer significant changes, that´s why this place was declared “Cultural Heritage Site” by UNESCO in 1999, visiting the different fields, the tobacco barn and the house, where we´ll see how the farmer roll his own cigars and taste it sharing it with a good Creole coffee.

Includes: Specialized guide, coffee and cigar tasting.

Languages: English, French and Spanish

Difficulty degree: medium (II)

Distance to cover by foot: 9 kms

The lunch is optional. At the end, you will have lunch in the organic farm, place unique by its beauty and quality of the food, where they grow, ecologically, all the vegetables, fruits and roots that they offer.



From $ 30.00 /per person

From $ 30.00 /person