The Secretes of the tobacco

  • Duration: 6 Horas

This tour allows us to know some of the secrets that make of our tobacco, the best in the world. We will visit all the stages and processes possible to see depending of the season (seedbed, plantation, harvest, drying), besides the visits to the despalillo and the cigar factory. We use the car or taxi to go to the different places to visit: cigar factory( place where the cigars are made by hand), the visit to a despalillo(stage between the farmer and the cigar factory, this is an unknown process for you and very important , were the leaves are fermented and selected), 

Visit to the Vueltabajo region, considered the best place of the world for the cultivation of the aromatic leaves, mainly covered tobacco, used for the wrappers that will cover the most famous cigars in the world. Live the unique experience of visiting Héctor Luis Prieto, the youngest Hombre Habano (Havana cigar man) in the world and his farm, where top quality leaves are produced; discover the true secrets of the tobacco among the smoke and the plantations.. During the visit to the tobacco farm where we can taste a handmade cigar made by the farmer, learning about his costumes, cultures and traditions, as well as their work methods, we´ll also visit the farms where the wrappers(capas) are cultivated the finest leaves used to cover the cigar.

Languages: English, French and Spanish

Duration approximate of the tour: 5-6 hours

Includes: Specialized guide, entrance to every place, cigar tasting as well as lunch.

The lunch is optional. At the end, you will have lunch in a local farm, place unique by its beauty and quality of the food.


From $ 60.00 /per person

From $ 60.00 /person