Photo Tour

  • Duration: 3 Horas

This tour was designed especially for the amateurs to the photography. With the experience of several years with this kind of tourism, the local guide will be able to show you what you are looking for, with a great knowledge of the area he can find the best places, the most beautiful ones, the most typical houses, the traditional tobacco farms, the best natural lookouts and some other suggestions. We could take pictures from the people, the farmers and thelife in the area, of the extraordinary and unique landscape , of the tobacco, the different processes of the tobacco leaves, visiting the despalillo(stage between the farmer and the cigar factory, this is an unknown process for you and very important , were the leaves are fermented, selected, dried and packed before being taken to the warehouses for their aging process) where there are more than 60 women who work there and with possibilities for taking pictures. We should have a car for the visits to all these places.

Includes: Specialized Guide, coffee and cigar tasting.

Languages: English, French and Spanish

Duration approximate of the tour: 3-4 hours




From $ 20.00 /per person

From $ 20.00 /person