Birdwatching tour

  • Duration: 3 Horas

This tourstarts from Vinales, where we should take a car or taxi to the birdwatching places, located in the area of the National Park Vinales. In these places we can observe many different birds, endemics and migrants, like the Cuban Trogon(National Bird), the Cuban Solitaire(best singer of Cuba), Cuban bullfinch, Cuban Emerald, Cuban Grassquit, warblers, tawny-shouldered blackbird, summer tanager, red legged honeycreeper, flycatchers, woodpeckers, kingbirds and many others, depending of the season between 25 and 40 species.

You will get and specialized guide who is able to show you the birds that you want to see in most of the times. This tour is special and you will discover un unexpected amount of interesting and beautiful birds.

Includes: Specialized guide 

Languages: English, French and Spanish

Difficulty degree: depending of the place can be low or medium.

From $ 20.00 /per person

From $ 20.00 /person