Stunning Vistas

Duration: 4 hrs | Distance: 9 kms | Difficulty degree: media/alta | Price: 20 CUC x person |

Tour “Stunning Vistas”

This tour is one of the most complete among all. We will enjoy the endless beauty of our valleys and the sea. We´ll be very close from the mountains, to know the cultural part and the nature, the traditions in the area and the magnificence of a unique landscape. We start by car or cab from Vinales to a small valley located 6 km from the center. The walk is between two valleys, where we´ll meet many farmers and their different crops, practically everything grow here due to the fertility of the soil, we will learn about their work methods and we´ll visit also a tobacco farm, to know some of the secrets of the aromatic leaf and why are here the best tobacco of the world. After that we´ll take small paths, in the forest and the hills, a part of the walk is in the shade but often we´ll see many natural lookouts that allow us to admire more than three different valleys and the ocean, impossible to see from other places. This place is full of many species of the flora and fauna, many of them endemic to Cuba. The descent will be in function of the client, the less difficult goes down through a path to finish in a grapefruit plantation and the most difficult can be hard but not impossible, so you don´t need to be a rock climber to do this, just to love adventure and be careful. Then we´ll cross another valley surrounded by mogotes and we´ll see a lot of tobacco and rice fields. Finally we take the car back to Vinales.

Includes: S and cigar tasting.
Languages: English, French and Spanish
Difficulty degree: medium (II)
Distance to cover by foot: 9 kms
Duration approximate of the tour (total): 4 hours

Price: 20 CUC x person/ transportation is not included
Option: At the end is possible to have lunch in an organic farm, place unique by its beauty and quality of the food, where they grow, ecologically, all the vegetables, fruits and roots that they offer.
Price of the lunch: 10 CUC x person
Note: This excursion depends from the weather because in the rainy season, it becomes difficult and dangerous.

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