Tours in Vinales Cuba

Discovery Viñales

Duration: 3-4 hrs | Price: 30 CUC x person |

Tour: “DISCOVERING Vinales” In this tour we´ll visit the most beautiful places in Vinales, where you will discover you’re your local guide an endless of curious shapes of the mogotes and you will learn a lot about this blessed area, visiting natural lookouts, caves, we learn about the fascinating world of the tobacco and of the local flora and fauna. The tour starts exploring the Cave of the Indian by foot and by boat, with a beautiful surrounding, next the ...Read more

Tobacco plantation Viñales Los Jazmines, Viñales Eco farm view, Viñales artisan farm, viñales artisan work, Viñales

Stunning Vistas

Duration: 4 hrs | Distance: 9 kms | Difficulty degree: media/alta | Price: 20 CUC x person |

Tour “Stunning Vistas” This tour is one of the most complete among all. We will enjoy the endless beauty of our valleys and the sea. We´ll be very close from the mountains, to know the cultural part and the nature, the traditions in the area and the magnificence of a unique landscape. We start by car or cab from Vinales to a small valley located 6 km from the center. The walk is between two valleys, where we´ll meet many ...Read more

Jutía Valley + tobacco barn, Viñales View La Jutía, Viñales Traditional farmer, Viñales Tobacco barn, Viñales Sunrise with mist

Visit to a Cuban farm

Duration: 10 horas | Difficulty degree: baja |

If you wish to share a great moment with a farmer`s family from Viñales area, we can make it happens. A unique opportunity to experience how they live, what do they grow, work with them, learn about tobacco and traditional food, see the real Cuban life and not something created for tourists. This farm is located 20 kms from the town of Viñales, no other tourists there, just you as especial visitor. Beautiful scenery, fresh air, excellent hosts, rural atmosphere ...Read more

little reservoir mango tree place for training the cocks cuban machete, important tool pigs

Birdwatching tour

Duration: 3 hrs | Price: 20 CUC x person |

Birdwatching tour This tourstarts from Vinales, where we should take a car or taxi to the birdwatching places, located in the area of the National Park Vinales. In these places we can observe many different birds, endemics and migrants, like the Cuban Trogon(National Bird), the Cuban Solitaire(best singer of Cuba), Cuban bullfinch, Cuban Emerald, Cuban Grassquit, warblers, tawny-shouldered blackbird, summer tanager, red legged honeycreeper, flycatchers, woodpeckers, kingbirds and many others, depending of the season between 25 and 40 species. You ...Read more

Cuban bullfinch, Viñales Cuban Green Woodpecker, Viñales Cuban Tody, Viñales Western Spindalis, Viñales Yellow Headed warble, Viñales

The Three Valleys

Duration: 4-5 hrs | Distance: 9 kms | Difficulty degree: media | Price: 20 CUC X person |

Tour “THE THREE VALLEYS” This tour crosses 3 different valleys, two of them, unexplored by the tourism. There are some natural and artificial lakes that are used for the irrigation of the different fields and for fishing. We walk in these valleys, surrounding by the mogotes that will make us think in films like Avatar or Jurassic Park, where the tourist feels in a small paradise. In this area we can find farmers dedicated to different activities and it´s possible ...Read more

Plowing with oxen, Viñales Vegetables farm, Viñales Tobacco seedbed, Viñales Rice field, Viñales Ñake La Jutía, Viñales

The Secretes of the tobacco

Duration: 5-6 hrs | Price: 45CUC x person |

Tour “THE SECRETS OF THE TOBACCO” This tour allows us to know some of the secrets that make of our tobacco, the best in the world. We will visit all the stages and processes possible to see depending of the season (seedbed, plantation, harvest, drying), besides the visits to the despalillo and the cigar factory. We use the car or taxi to go to the different places to visit: cigar factory( place where the cigars are made by hand), the ...Read more

Tobacco harvest Viñales Harvest by hand, Viñales Seedbed, Viñales Rolling by hand Tobacco harvest 2

Photo Tour

Duration: 3-4 hrs | Price: 20 CUC x person |

PHOTO TOUR This tour was designed especially for the amateurs to the photography. With the experience of several years with this kind of tourism, the local guide will be able to show you what you are looking for, with a great knowledge of the area he can find the best places, the most beautiful ones, the most typical houses, the traditional tobacco farms, the best natural lookouts and some other suggestions. We could take pictures from the people, the farmers ...Read more

Harvest by hand2, Viñales Lookout to the Silence Valley, Viñales Sierra Guasasa, Viñales Tobacco harvest blade Mogote del Cristo, Viñales

Tradition and Nature

Duration: 4 hrs | Distance: 9 kms | Difficulty degree: Media/alta | Price: 20 CUC x Person |

Tour “TRADITIONS AND NATURE” We start by car or cab from Vinales to Sitio del Infierno (Site of the Hell), place located 8 Kms from town. We start the walk crossing small paths from that community until goes deeper into the mountains trails. In this first part we can see the different crops that belong to the local farmers like: manioc, arrow root, tomatoes, pepper, coffee, bananas, black beans and some others, in the mountain we can see the endemic ...Read more

Bromelias trail, Viñales Path, Viñales Farm in Viñales Mountain of the Hell, Viñales Site of the Hell, Viñales